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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Quilter's Nest

The Quilter's Nest is a quilt store in Evansville, IN. It is nice and has a large array of nice fabric and lots of store samples hanging everywhere. I went yesterday and did hand work in the class room while other ladies sewed on sewing machines. I finished one more primitive applique basket and a small redwork piece. I was at the nest for around a couple hours. The co-owners are just as nice as can be. I finished another basket last night, so I have a total of 70 done. My goal is 100.The baskets are done on point. Debra Kerns taught me how to make them and gave me her pattern. I am in Evansville at the Fairfield, Marriot with Randy. He is working in Mt.Vernon for six months. Tomorrow is our 21st wedding anniversary. Wow!! How time flies.I brought my sewing machine and a number of projects to work on while I'm here. Tonight, at Commom Threads, they are having a fund raising auction. It is the guilds main fund raiser every two years. I gave money to Ruthie to bid on items for me. I wonder what we'll win?

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