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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time Flies By

We have quite a bit of bad weather this year. Today, Tuesday it is only 11degrees outside. I took Truffles for a walk and it was just long enough for him to leave pee-mail and do his business.   I received an e-mail with pictures of North Dakota and our weather is nothing compared to theirs. The houses are almost completely covered.

I finished the next row for the row by row that I'm participating in with Common Threads. It is called Calico Spools from the www.quilterscache.com Marcia has great blocks and information.

I am sewing the binding down on a Quilt Of Valour http://www.qovf-um.org/ this is the site to find about this great project. I need to make a pillowcase and sew on a label and then mail it. I have made around ten QOV's.
I have a number 32 blocks made and on the design wall for a purple quilt for http://www.faithlafayette.org/voh/staff/vision_of_hope_staff.aspx. it is sponsored by Faith Baptist Church in Lafayette, IN  It will be the fourth quilt that I've made. Two finished and two works in progress. They are twin sized.

I have also sewed the binding on a Clown quilt that Ruthie http://threadsofmine.blogspot.com/ quilted for me for Christmas.The quilting is beautiful.The quilt is hand embroidered in a variegated thread in a chain stitch. Maybe I'll get some pictures posted soon.

I have been working on Ruthie's row for the row by row. Her rows are in blue and green batiks. It is Dresden plates. She is coming over today after work to help me with a few things, so I'll find out if she approves of the row or not.

I have come to the conclusion that I need a new computer. The one that I have is a real pain and slower than molasses. Randy told me a needed one and I told him that I didn't,  obviously I was wrong.
I have to close this for now, maybe more later.

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